Day in the life 29: Restaurants and Reviews

day in the lifeIt has been a day of reviews today and I have been on either side of the coin. As you may remember from yesterday, I had to write a piece about restaurants in an area of  London. I was moaning about it a bit but I got it done and I am pleased with the result. There are over 17,000 restaurants advertised on Trip Adviser just in London! That is a fucking lot of restaurants! I think there is one in my town, not including takeaways, maybe two, I don’t actually care, to be honest.

So, got that done, which was cool. Then I got a review of my book, (plug) which I am really happy about. The reveiw was very positive which is awesome to see someone like something that you put your heart and soul into.

So yea, it’s been a fucking good day! I am eating Salt and Pepper Cashew nuts at the moment (no idea why cashews is in capitials but I am going with it) if you see these, do not buy them, they are fucking odd! Or buy them and try and see for yourself, free country I guess!


Thanks for the comment

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