Cigar box guitars

This is one of those posts where you are looking around the room before you start to choose a topic, don’t lie, you do it, we all fucking do it! Anyway, cigar box guitars! I love cigar box guitars and I have ever since I saw my first one on a YouTube channel called Crimson Guitars. They did a build challenge which was a good laugh (click on their name to go to the first one part of that build off).

dscf7725Each person made a cigar box guitar out of one of their kits and they could do whatever they wanted to do with it. Some played it cool and others went fucking  mental. It was very entertaining. I made one for myself too which is shit. I can’t even play guitar let alone build one! But I had fun and that’s all that matters.

Anyway, that is all I have to say on this topic that I plucked out of thin air! I shall return at 6 to give you some day in the life goodness! Peace out people!


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