Time to get motivated!!

It is taking me a lot longer to get motivated than I thought after returning from holiday. I think this is because I thought a lot about my plans while on a holiday and came up with some new ones. I now know where I want my life to go and I know what I have to do to get it there. The problem is, I am doubting myself as to whether I can pull it off or not.

It is this doubt that kills dreams before they ever get off the ground. It is this feeling that we will all regret having and allowing to grow at some point in our lives. I need to get these seeds of doubt out of my brain before they consume me and stop me dead in my tracks.

brain-1294854_1280I know what I have to, I know how to do it, it isn’t difficult, I know I have the tools at my disposal to pull it off. But do I have the knowledge and the know-how to pull it off? No, of course not, I know that what I know now will be completely wrong in a few months time. I know the “best way” to achieve my dream right now but that will change as I dive down the rabbit hole.

But I can not wait, I don’t want to wait, if I wait, I will never get the opportunity again. When everything in your life feels right, that is the day you start on your plan, not tomorrow or next week, today, those “right moments” pass as quickly as they come and we have to take action on them as quickly as we can!


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