Hmm, nope, no title, this is the best you are going to get!

coverphotoThis is another post that I am starting and haven’t a fucking clue where it is going to go. I enjoy these posts though. My brain is just going to throw up on this page and if you make it to the end then you deserve a gold star!

So, where to begin or what to say? I have no idea, erm, oh yea, I guess I should I talk about my book a little more, it is out on the kindle store finally! It is up and ready for people to be reading it. It has already been purchased a few times which I am really happy about and it seems to have gone down well.

I am really pleased with how this book turned out. It isn’t very long so you could read on the train home tonight or while having a shit you could have my brain sitting there in your lap. Whichever, go take a look and see what you think. I am quite proud of it and have even ordered a paperback copy for myself. It shall now be the diseased, drunk and slightly awkward child in my bookcase surrounded by my literary heroes.


Thanks for the comment

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