My right knee

Excuse the title, I just had to come up with something. For the last few days, my right knee has been killing me. I think it is because St Ives is really hilly and I walked miles upon miles each day I was there, something I avoid doing whenever possible. Also, I stopped working out for a week before I went which meant my knee wasn’t the strongest when I arrived.

I have had problems with my knee ever since I was about 16. I was playing football in a carpark, I am not a footballer hence the setting for the game. Someone was trying to take the ball off of me, I had my back to him and tried a trick that I clearly wasn’t trained to do. I moved one way but my knee decided that it would fuck off in the other direction,thinking that splitting up was a good option to get away from our foe. All my weight was on that knee and after a number of cracking and popping sounds I fell to the floor.

My knee swelled to the size of a small melon and I was crutches
for 6 weeks. After that, I was “fine”. Ever since then, my knee cap has popped out of place whenever it felt like doing so, there are a number of things clicking down there and all in all it isn’t the healthiest knee in the world.

skeleton-1561177_1280I am pleased to say that after all the hill climbing recently, it has no developed another click. Where this came from I can not say all I know is that it is annoying and I need to do something about it! Anyway, that’s the story of my right knee. What stupid injuries have you got? Leave your story in the comments.


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