Day in the life 27: recovering and creating

day in the lifeWell, my trip away last week was a blast, it was exactly what I needed to destress and come back ready to fucking kill it! I always try and work as hard as I can which stresses me out so much that I get to a point where I just have to walk away for a while. That’s why I do a bit of woodworking now and again, it helps me to destress and come up with new ideas.

Anyway, holiday was sweet, I will get to that another day though. Right now I am recovering from my knee being a twat and also hurting myself skateboarding yesterday. It was a weird skate yesterday, everyone who went had a good time, my friends killed it, I tried to, but everyone got hurt as well. A mate and I hurt our ankles, another mate split his hand open and my other mate had an assortment of the usual bumps you get when you venture out on a skateboard. It was still a good day, though. It’s just today that fucking sucks!

coverphotoOh yea, the creating bit of the title. I have been creating an ebook cover, check it out! I am pretty pleased with it considering I have no idea how to operate a computer at all! That’s not strictly true but I do find it hard to operate them most of the time. I have also been making progress on my eBook, it isn’t perfect by any means but it’s nearly ready to be out in the world, in fact, it might even be ready by the time you are reading this!

I will keep you posted on my knee, my ankle, my ebook and any other stuff you want to be kept in the loop about. It is really good to be back home and posting again, I am
looking forward to what is in store next!


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