Artist Mindset

An artistic mindset is a very complicated business. I am sure that you know this as many of you are probably creative individuals. It isn’t hard to stay in once you get in the groove of it, but during the planning stage, for me, is very hard. I always loose focus and then hours of time because I find it hard to think about everything I need to do. I also think that the planning stage can sometimes kill an idea in its tracks. Spending too much time thinking about something may mean I never end up doing it.

I guess it is probably better to just get stuck in and do the thing you are planning, you can always change it later on. The most important part of a project, for me, is just getting started and not letting the little demon fuckers in my head talk me out of doing it altogether.

Let me know what you think in the comments, I’d be interested in learning how you prepare for a project.


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