Returning home

Well, I should be back from my adventure now, I may have even posted a post about being back because I forgot that this post existed, wouldn’t that be embarrassing! I imagine that if I did, it would something along the lines of I am tired because I spent 7 hours on a train today, I had some great fun in St Ives and more likely something to do drinking wine.

If I’m right then I know myself too well. I could have not returned of course and just decided to stay there or go somewhere else, I doubt that, my sensible brain is far too clever for that, no it isn’t!

I will hopefully get a post to you soon about the week. Sorry for the week of scheduled posts but I just wanted to enjoy myself. This has been a very quick week for me by which I mean, I have uploaded all of these posts within about an hour, I am the king of the future!

Oh, returning home after a trip sucks!


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