Time flies

Time flies when you are out of the house doing unnormal shit. It is quite fun actually, I mean I write about a lot of different stuff each so each day is very different but it has been amazing to be out doing stuff that I don’t normally get to do. Haha, just kidding, it is still past me. It is 10am on Sunday morning and I have no idea what the fuck I have been doing for the past few days. All I can say is that, right now, I can not wait to get the fuck on a train.

A beautiful Sunday morning is being had by the church near my house, I know this because they are ringing their bells like bellends, and my neighbour is screaming at her child for some reason that I am sure seems necessary. I have been up since half 5 because I like the quiet that that time of the morning offers, even my neighbour is sleeping peacefully or as peacefully as my neighbour can sleep.

Anyway, I guess time flies when you are out on an adventure, at the moment, time is flying as fast as someone carving a clock out of a rock. Hooray for holidays!


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