My adventure plans

As discussed in an earlier post on here, adventures and plans never lead to anything good. Adventures never happen when there’s a plan and plan never lead to adventures, something like that, basically just said the same thing twice, fuck it.

So for this trip, I have no plan. I have a few things that I want to see here and I shall try and see them all. If I don’t then it doesn’t matter. I am just going to do whatever I feel like that day. I have no idea what I feel like doing today because I am writing this the Sunday before I went. Maybe I will check out an art gallery or go and see some seals, maybe I will sit on the beach all day or go out on a boat to somewhere unknown in the hope of seeing some playful dolphins. Who’s knows!

It should be a fun day though, it might be, it might raining or too hot for my ginger skin to take!


Thanks for the comment

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