My adventure continues

I am still away, I think it is going well, it is hard to say as it is the future for me. I thought that I would take a moment to tell you more about why I decided on this trip instead of the Snowdon trip which you may have noticed has been put on the backburner.

Each trip I take, I find it hard to just let it be a trip, it has to be something more, my mind makes it into something that has to be an adventure that I have to write about. The problem with this is that you are under constant pressure, put on you by yourself, to make the trip as good as possible. Then you burn yourself out and it turns out shit because the burnt out you is tired of adventure and trying to make adventure happen.

On this trip, I just wanted to get away. I have been so burnt out recently, working on 75 different projects at once, each stressing me the fuck out. I decided I needed to chill out, this trip is still going to be an adventure I am sure but it might just be one that is left between me and St Ives and called a holiday and never spoken about, who knows!


Thanks for the comment

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