Train travel, hopefully

All being well, I should be on a train to Cornwall right now, this is past me, ooh, fancy! I should have made my way to London and got the tube and remembered where the fuck I am going. Then I should have had 10 minutes to get breakfast and then made my way onto a train that hopefully has booze on it.

During this travelling time, I will mostly be reading a book and listening to podcasts, while drowning out the baby that is screaming a few seats away, you know, the normal stuff you do on a train.

If things didn’t go well, I will be sat at a station somewhere asking myself how the fuck I got here. Or, wandering around London being a tourist, not by choice but due to the fact that I got lost on the tube. Or, if I can’t find my way out of the tube, I will be a myth that you tell kids about, the man of the tube who hunts innocent people’s breakfasts cos he has to survive down there.

I don’t know!


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