Monday morning adventure

If you have followed my blog for the past few weeks, you will know that I am off on an adventure today. I am heading down to Cornwall for the week to see what I can get up to. You may also know that laptops are an annoying thing to have on a holiday when you spend your whole life looking at one so I have decided to leave mine at home.

This decision happened because I have been getting fucking stressed recently and I was going to take my laptop with me so I could work on upcoming projects on my own time. Then I thought ‘fuck that’ and left it at home. I really need a break from everything and just to relax and actually have a holiday without doing work. I am still going to write, of course, because writing is fun but just for me. I just want to write for fun, have fun, get sunburnt, get drunk and see what adventures I can have. If something is worth telling you guys about, I shall do that when I return.

I hope you enjoy all of the scheduled posts while I am away, I am writing them all now (Sunday morning) so that I can actually have a holiday and stop being a stressy little bitch. Enjoy your week.


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