Adventure to the end of the line

I have no idea where I am at the very second, being as I am writing this in the past, but I should be in St Ives right now if everything has gone right. I have made 3 changes of train successfully, drunk some wine without spilling it on my t-shirt, read a book and listened to a podcast or two. I should have just stepped off of the train from St Erth to St Ives, a very beautiful train line apparently. Ah, it’s so pretty!

Well, actually at this time I should be booked into a hotel and exploring the town, finding a bar or walking on the beach, something like that. I may have even written something about the travel, 7 hours of travelling can not go by uneventfully, can it?

Who knows, where I am, what I am doing or who I am with. Not that I plan to meet anyone but I could have a train romance, you know, the type in films that don’t happen in real life. It could happen, it won’t, but it could.

I think I shall leave this here. Hopefully, the posts will continue throughout the week but I ain’t promising anything, I want to relax and have some fun.


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