Looking out the window

Well, I have done two weeks worth of work in just a week, a pretty good feat and feeling, I feel. Now all that is left to do today is get ready for my trip to St Ives. I am ready looking forward to it! I keep staring out the window , up at the blue sky and thinking that I can do this on a beach next week with no window in my way.

I am also still working on my ebook, that isn’t easy! It is actually fucking annoying to tell you the truth! I have downloaded about 10 different software’s and I am having no luck at all. I think I have just found one that I can understand so I am going to work on my ebook during my holiday if I have to! I just want to get it done and out into the world now, I am pretty proud of this book and want to share it with all of you guys!

Ah well, I’ll get there! Can’t wait to look at some waves and blue sky next week rather than out my window at my garage and blue sky.


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