I have some bad news

frog-897418_1920If you follow this blog then you might be aware that I said I was climbing Snowdon this weekend. However, plans change and get better as they do, in most cases. I will no longer be climbing Snowdon this weekend, it doesn’t mean that I won’t ever be climbing it, it just means, as of right now, the Snowdon trip has been put on hold.

There are a few reasons for this trip being put on hold, firstly, my dad was going to join me on the trip but after looking into the travelling there, climbing up it and travelling back, it seemed that it would be a lot to do in one day, especially as that day is a bank holiday so it would be insanely busy on the roads. This was cemented when my friend said last night it took him and his girlfriend six hours to get there in similar road conditions.

The second reason is that it is still the summer holidays and so there is going to be a lot of people on the mountain that my dogs will want to say hello to. This isn’t usually a problem but a 7-hour hike can easily turn into a 9-hourtravel-1209355_1920 hike when we have to stop and greet everyone we see.

The plan now is for my dad to take a few days off of work before Christmas so we can climb it in more suitable circumstances. We are going to climb this fucking mountain but we are going to do it together with our dogs cos it seems more that way.

So, sorry that there won’t be any stories from the mountain next week but there will be a bunch of stories from Cornwall to look forward to.


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