Day in the life 26: Internet, ebooks and work

day in the lifeI have had a wonderful Friday, thanks for asking. Today, I have battled the internet, because it’s a twat, battled an ebook cos they’re are twats and done some work cos work is fun.

The internet was off all morning so I finished watching Django which is a fucking great film. Now I need to watch the Hateful Eight again cos I’m sure they are linked in some way after watch Django.

Anyway, when the internet came back on I finished up all my work, edited it and shipped it off to its new home. Then I started down the long dirty path of ebooks and finally came out of the other side of it, possibly a changed man, possibly slightly drunker than when I went in but I fucking did it!

I have made an ebook, my first ebook ever, my first book ever and I am fucking stoked! I am so happy that I have done this and ticked it off my to do list. I shall let you know more about it once it has gone up for sale and try and work out some sort of deal for you lot that have stuck with me!

Have a good weekend, I have no idea how many posts will be out on Monday cos I will be on a train for a crap load of hours but I shall try my very best to get you some.


Thanks for the comment

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