Travelling tired

frog-897418_1920I have already posted something about this before but I thought, because I have two trips coming up, I would post about it again. I always either wake up really early the day I am going on a trip or don’t go to sleep. I think this is because of the excitement. It reminds of the excitement I used to get at Christmas, I still get that, who am I kidding!?! I think that this excitement goes hand in hand when you have no idea how something is going to pan out.

Christmas day, you have no idea what presents you are going to get or the reaction to the presents you are giving, I always try to make my mum cry when opening her present, not sad crying, I am not a beast, happy tears for one and all! I remember one Christmas where I sneaked into my mum’s room and she hadn’t hidden the presents as well as she had the previous years. I found my presents and knew what I was going to get, I woke at a very normal time that Christmas day and never looked for presents again.DSCF7701_edited

It is the not knowing at Christmas and while travelling that makes it exciting. As I plan my trips down to the very last ball sack, I shouldn’t get this excitement but for me, I guess, it is the not knowing whether the plan will work or not, whether I will decide to fuck the plan and do something else or stick to it and find myself somewhere I didn’t expect because I got on the wrong train.

So, I guess when I say “child-like excitement in m
y posts” what I actually mean is Christmas-like excited. The not knowing is what makes us want to find out. Just like magic, wanting to know the secret of a trick, is always better than knowing the secret of a trick.


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