I am so down this morning

saying-1501262_1280That title is not true at all! Although, I am pissed off. My internet has been down all morning which means I have only just been able to get on here to do any work. I have a shit load left to do this week and the internet is being a twat.

On the plus side, though, I have finished my book this morning, which is a great book by Bill Bryson called A Short History of Nearly Everything, he goes takes a look at some very interesting fields in the book and explain shit so simply that even I can understand it. This isn’t a plug for the book or anything but if you are interested in science and stuff I recommend it.

So, now that my internet has come back on, I have got a shit load of work to get done. I will leave this post here and hope and pray that my internet stays on for the rest of the day.


Thanks for the comment

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