Day in the life 25: when plans don’t go to plan

day in the lifeWell, today, I woke up late, I had no internet this morning, I haven’t done anywhere near what I wanted to get done and time has just got away from me completely pretty much. It is days like these when you just wished you stayed in bed, I guess.

I can’t moan too much about today, even though I sound like a whiny little bitch in that first paragraph. I have made some progress in the work that I need to do, I have written 9 out of the 12 articles I need to write this week. I have also finished my eBook, well finish all the writing of it. Now I need to get it converted to an ePub file, which I had no fucking clue about until about 20 minutes ago and have no clue how to do it. Other than that and this morning, today has actually been really good.

Whenever I wake up late, I feel like I have to get on right away and I think not having the internet this morning fucked that up a bit for me. I shouldn’t make excuses but I am going to cos fuck it.

Anyway, I am going to leave this post here and take the rest of the night off. I am also going to drink a lot of beer which is only going to mean I am in the same boat tomorrow, oh, will I ever learn! Fuck it!


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