The Storm in Marrakech

stormI just witnessed a storm, a storm in Marrakech and a storm that, just like every other storm I have ever seen in my life, made me feel alive. The lightning spiked across the sky like it had a goal in mind, it lit up the entire sky and city and did this while it brought me back to life. The thunder was electric, it called to its already gone partner in crime “wait for me” as it echoed around the apartment blocks, waking up dogs and children, so in the silence that followed you began to hear barks and cries.

After telling my father that I have never witnessed rain in Marrakech, it came to welcome me, the sky opened and out of the darkness, rain drops the size of coins hit the streets below my apartment and every other surface possible. The amount of rainfall here in a minute looks like the amount we have in an hour.

I know I sound like a tourist, looking at every sight and site and laying it out for the world to see like I have discovered the centre of the earth and you must see that this is weird. I understand that this is bullshit and that you really don’t care about a storm that probably happens here 100 times a years but the life that a storm brings afterwards is amazing to me, it refuels you, it cools you, it allows you to feel one with a place that you didn’t before because you now have something in common with everyone, a talking point.

I may sound like a tourist, if I do then I shall be, Marrakech you are a dream, every time I see you, you impress me a little more. Thank you for the storm, I now feel re-born, I hope that we have many more adventures before I am old and wearing dentures.

I drank a lot of wine watching this storm, I hope this comes across in this post!


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