Something Interesting: Meet the family

something interesting

This something interesting is brought to you by, Homo News, all the goings on from 3.18 million years ago. This newspaper may sound old, and it is, 3.18 million years is a long time ago but I have the scoop from that newspaper that is worth mentioning today. This scoop is about a lovely women or man, no one is quite sure, called Lucy.

Lucy got her name from Lucy in the sky with diamonds, the Beatles songs. We are yet to confirm whether the song is as old as Lucy but we have a reporter on the case at this very moment.

Anyway, why should we care about Lucy, a 3.18 million-year-old chick who is only 28% complete? Well, we should all care very deeply about Lucy, Lucy is our oldest ancestor. Lucy’s incomplete, yet sometimes said to be complete, skeleton was found in Ethiopia in 1974. and is said to be “the missing link between us and the apes.”

Does this mean that a Planet of the Apes squeal is just around the corner? No, this science, not science fiction. What it does mean is that, if you had the time, the resources and a shit load of diggers, you could trace your family tree back 3.18 million years. skeleton-1561177_1280I wouldn’t though, you only have to back about 8 generations to realise that we are all related in some way and that makes it awkward enough at bars. Knowing that we all came from a single celled organism (if you went billions of years back) at one point would only make it more creepy.

So, let’s raise a glass to Lucy, the most important women, or man, around. She may only stand at 3 and a half feet tall but she is still in the sky with diamonds or in a yellow submarine.


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