I’m British for god sake!

earth-11008_1280Look, I am British and although I am sure most stereotypes from around the world are probably bullshit, there is one that is true about the British. We love a good chat about the weather. It is fucking hot today which is why I am bringing this up.

Now, I don’t know why this is the case, I can’t be bothered to look it up, it’s too hot for that shit. All I know is that we find ourselves in weather chat far too often. Perhaps while in a queue for example because we fucking love them as well apparently! That is bullshit, by the way, none of us actually like queuing it is just something we know we have to do in order to get to places we need to be.

stormBack to the weather, it’s hot. I think that British people chat about the weather a lot because we think that our weather is so fucking varied. Ok, yea, sure! Our weather is either a little bit shit or a little bit good, that’s it. There are countries where it is hotter, colder and both that just get on with their day without the need to walk up to a stranger and discuss something they both already know. ‘it’s mighty hot today’ ‘that’s because we live in the tropics you dumb fuck.’ I don’t know where the people in that conversation were from but they were from somewhere hot.

Anyway, I don’t why this happens but it just goes to show how much it is ingrainedmeteorite-1060886_1920 into us as I couldn’t think of what to write for this post and decided to talk about the weather! Tell you what, let’s try an experiment, leave a comment and tell us where you are from and if people talk about the weather every day of the fucking week like weathermen and weatherwomen so we can settle this once and for all!


Thanks for the comment

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