I have no idea: Dying, cycling and reading

saying-1501262_1280I have honestly no idea what this blog post is going to be about. I just realised it was half 3 and that I needed to post something so here goes nothing. Well, it is still hot, I have to cycle for half an hour in a minute and I really don’t want to. I think I may end up drowning in my own sweat, which is not the way I want to die at all. I have no idea how I want to die actually, I am pretty sure that it’s not a subject for a blog post though!

Hmm, I am really close to finishing the book that I have been reading for the past month so I am pretty happy about that. The book is fucking great but it has taken far too long for me to read, mainly due to laziness and YouTube, I have a pile of books to read, two of which I am going to take to St Ives with me, I need to finish this book before Monday, the race is on!

Wow, that’s a whole paragraph that could have stayed in my head! I think I will leave this post here, it is starting to turn weird now. Hope to see you back here for the day in the life post in a few hours! Sorry for being weird.


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