Stop wasting time like you think you have time to waste

earth-11008_1280I try really hard not to tell people how to live their lives. Everyone is going to make their own decesions in this world and, as long as they aren’t hurting themsevles or others, we should all stay out of those decesions. It is the same with opinions, we all have them, it doesn’t mean yours is less important or as right as anyone else’s. However, when it comes to livng your dream, I think that we should all do that becuase not living it is such a waste.

Here another opinion (the whole of this article is an opinion but this one is based on facts) we are all going to die and then turn back into space dust or our atoms will be recycled, perhaps we will become trees or another person but once we die that is it.

So why aren’t you living your dream or trying to live your dream? Why on earth would you waste a life that you are extremely lucky to have. If one of your ancestors fucked someone else you wouldn’t be here, think back to the begininng of time and think about how many people and animals had to fuck to get you on to this planet and now you just going to waste your time on it?

shield-1519642_1920In terms of how long the world have been around, we are fucking nothing. If we spanned the time that the earth had been around over a year, we would have showed up at just before midnight on New Year’s Eve, that’s the human race not our generation. We are a blip on the earth and that blip deserves to live the way they want to live.

Stop wasting time like you think you have some to waste. On the grand scheme of thing, money is pointless, time is the most valuable thing we have. Use your time on this earth to follow your dreams before you are just like all your other ancestors.


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