Day in the life 23: St Ives and steroid injections

day in the lifeWell, today has been really fun and mighty productive! I have planned a lot of stuff to do in St Ives, Cornwall. I am giving serious considerations to getting on a boat while I am there and having a look for some dolphins or whatever is knocking about on the coast. I know I keep talking about this trip a lot and I am sorry about that but I am just really looking forward to a little bit of rest and exploration, it’s been too long!

The title of this one may make you think that I am taking steroids, especially as I have mentioned that I work out a bit as well. Don’t worry, there is no rage monster hiding within. I have been writing about steroid injections in the medical world today. The type used to help with arthritis, not muscle growth.

I have also been writing about arthritis in dogs and pain in the ball of your foot. Each of these was quite interesting as well and I am sure the ball of the foot one will help me out with skateboarding at some point in the future.

So, that’s been my day, apart from washing clothes ready for the trip but that’s as boring as every other load of washing. See ya tomorrow, I’m off to workout, without the use of steroids.


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