Weekend working: Writing, trips and Skateboarding

20150402_191527My weekend was one of the most productive and fun weekend’s I have had in a long time. On Saturday I sat at my computer for about 7 hours editing, cutting, adding and reading the nearly final draft of my eBook, I got the cover ready which is a photo from one of the trips mentioned in the book and I also had some fun with the opening pages of the book as well.

I am really pleased with how the book is shaping up and I am even more pleased that I have got to a point with my writing that I feel that I can write an eBook people might actually want to buy. I hope you want to buy it anyway!

Yesterday I went skateboarding and, as I discussed in my earlier post, my plans for climbing a mountain were changed, into better plans and better adventures. Skateboarding was a lot of fun, my mate and I went to a local skate park and, after skating for about 3 hours, another 4 skaters turned up. They started skating really hard which pushed my mate and meold-1130743_1920 to skate hard as well. I have no idea who you guys were but thanks for that!

So, now that my mountain adventure has been changed, I am booking to go to Cornwall (St Ives, I think) for a week. I can’t wait, I have wanted to check St Ives out for ages now and now I have the chance. Please leave me some cool stuff to do in the comments while I am there!

I have a lot of work to do before I get there though so I will leave you here and get on with that!


Thanks for the comment

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