Travel plans

way-865298_1920I am a firm believer in having plans for travel, even though plans never create adventure, in my experience. I touch on this in my new eBook, coming soon, (plug) adventure and planning seldom go hand in hand, it is only when plans start to change that adventure can happen.

Take my mountain trip as an example. I planned a 3 day mission to Wales to climb Snowdon. Then, I came home from skateboarding yesterday and my dad said that he would be up for climbing it as well. So, the plan has changed from a three day mission to a one day mission. 7 hours driving and 7 hours hiking! Now, that is an adventure!

So, why plan at all, if it never leads to an adventure? Well, I plan because it is my nature to plan, however, you have to go with the flow and allow these thingstravel-1209355_1920 to change and evolve and let adventure come into play. I can’t stop myself from planning but if I plan too much, I can stop adventure from happening.

So, now that I am going up the mountain with my dad this Sunday, yet I am still doing two weeks worth of work this week, I am going to head down to Cornwall for a week. So, one plan has turned into two adventures and I am pretty bloody happy about that!


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