Random Thought: Small Talk is Dead

brain-1294854_1280There is no need for small talk if we only spoke about what was on our mind and were not afraid of what people thought about our view of the world, small talk would quickly become extinct. Small talk, to me, is boring, why would I want to chat about the weather or a sport when we could search each other’s souls and minds and see which points we agree and disagree on?

Disagreeing with someone does not mean that you are right or they are wrong, a disagreement on a topic does not have to end in a fight to settle matters, it is simply that we do not see the world the same way and that is fine for if we did then all there would be, all there would ever be, is small talk and I hate small talk!

There is never enough time for small talk! If we do not explore each other’s souls now, then when shall we have the time to do it? And so, with small talk being dead…Would a rose smell as sweet if it was smelt on an app?

Something I wrote in Marrakech last year. Judging the last sentence, I wrote this after a lot of very cheap wine!


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