I am going on a trip

frog-897418_1920Well, as you know from my last post, the trip to the mountain is happening in one day now and as I am doing 2 weeks worth of work this week, I thought I might as well use next week for some productive fun! So, I have just booked a week in St Ives and I can not wait!

I have written about St Ives quite a few times for a hotel down there and ever since then I have wanted to go. It looks like such a cool place, filled with creativity and artists. I am really looking forward to ticking this one off of my list of places to go. I have only ever been to Cornwall once before but loved every second of it.

There is only one problem, there is a mountain standing in my way! Once I get to the top of the mountain and back down again I can then come home, pack my bags and get to the artist’s playground. I already have a crapload of stuff that I want to do there but feel free to throw your suggestions into the comments!


Thanks for the comment

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