Day in the life 22: trip planning

day in the lifeSo, I am going to st Ives next week and I am very happy about that! I intend to go to as many art galleries as I can during my time there, check out the church on the hill and also try body boarding and maybe surfing. I used to body board on holidays when I was a kid and it was really fun so thought I would act like a kid once more and have some fun.

My day has been spent planning this trip really. I have got to do 2 weeks worth of work this week and instead I have been planning the thing that is taking me away from the work. Sometimes you just have to let your excitement take hold to squash it for a little bit.

I am also bloody tired as I have cycled 25km today. That was quite enjoyable and also gave me a bit prep for this pissing mountain on Sunday. I am really looking forward to that I must say but as the St Ives trip is in my mind now, the mountain doesn’t seem real anymore. I won’t be saying that when I am half way up, I’m sure.

Anyway, In a round about way, that was my day. I hope you had a good weekend and I hope you had a good Monday! I have a shit load of work to catch up on thanks to my Monday!


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