No money, no sleep and adventure

I have been talking about an eBook all day, here is a little snippet from it:

travel-1209355_1920My walk and mood got even better when I saw a group of 3 kids, just being kids in the city. They were playing and messing around like only childhood friends can, maybe they were playing cops and robbers or maybe they were just running around, there never needs to be a plan while you are playing as a child. When they saw me they stopped to inspect me, I waved as I walked past and they simply stood and stared, then one shouted “Monsieur” I turned around and his friend threw the smallest and most perfect flower to me as hard as he could, the air caught it and it landed nowhere near me, I tried with all my might to grab it to complete the connection but alas it landed in the dirt. The kids just carried on their game and perhaps that was their game, who knows. The kids here are amazing, they are so sweet and so shy, they often just stare at the odd looking man with the odd looking tattoos while they cling to their father’s or mother’s leg with their finger in their mouth. They are looking at the oddity and that’s fine, children see the world differently and I am an oddity so I don’t mind them looking. Perhaps it allows them to the see the world clearer or understand that there are differences in the world.


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