My to-do list: planning travel and writing an eBook.​

I have spoken about my to-do list before in a day in the life post last week, I think. I keep a list of yearly goals, monthly goals, weekly goals and daily goals. It helps me to keep track of what I have to do each day and week to get shit done. It is a pretty simple idea that works quite well if you can’t remember anything, like me.

My to-do list for today is very simple, I need to make final plans for the Snowdon trip and book it, that will most likely happen tomorrow now though because the second thing on my to-do list is taking a lot longer than I thought. I am writing an eBook, it is called: No money, no sleep and adventure and it is about two trips that I took while I was out in Marrakech last year.

One of my yearly goals is to write a book that is long enough to be considered a real book but this one is basically a short story, I am aiming for about 5,000 words. I have no idea if I will actually finish it today or even if I will put it up to download but I might. The stories are quite funny if you like my humor if you don’t then they are shit. But I have always wanted to say that I have a book so I might as well get it done and put it out into the world and see what happens.


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