Good morning campers!

frog-897418_1920Apologies for the lateness of this morning article but I have a good excuse, I had a few beers with a mate last night and decided I wanted a lie in, ok, that’s a really shitty excuse and one must never make excuses anyway so if we all just pretend it is half 7 then everything will be fine.

My mate and I got onto the subject of camping yesterday, he’s a photographer and a bloody good one, he has what they call ‘the eye’. We were talking about wild camping, here in the UK you can do it in Scotland and the Lake District. The problem with us, well me is I would take the kitchen sink if I felt it had a place on a windswept moor! He is a lot better at it than I am but I take all of this crap that I never use and as much beer as my tiny little legs can carry.

travel-1209355_1920I should just go lightweight, get one of those little tents that look like a crawling caterpillar, a lightweight sleeping bag, a head torch and just go at it! Basically, like Thomas Heaton, he is a British landscape photographer (a fucking great one in my opinon) and camps a lot so knows what to bring and what not to bring. On one of his last adventures, he had enough room in his kit to pack a fucking drone, that’s how light his stuff is!

So, sorry I was late this morning, I have a busy day ahead of me today and it’s raining. Check out Thomas Heaton on YouTube, he is a good dude and if you are into photography, you’ll learn a lot, if you are into adventure, you’ll see a lot of that.


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