Tired Travel

earth-11008_1280Why must I always be tired when I travel? I am never tired of travel and could likely spend the rest of my life traveling and never tire of it. This thought has been interrupted by a crazy lady on the sleepy bus that I am on, she walks up and down the aisle full of words with no one to hear them. She reminds of the man from home who welcomes you onto the bus and waves at everyone on the street as the bus zooms past. I guess every route in the world has its wonderfully crazy characters.

Anyway, I am always tired for travel because I wake early from dreams with pure excitement just as a child does on birthdays. Excitement will beat my alarm clock every time, excitement beat my alarm by over 3 hours this very morning. The excitement brings me to life, life always seems better with childlike excitement.
The tiredness aspect of travel just means I go through the boring parts of the journey like waiting because we are always waiting, in a blink of an eye, like a rather befitting zombie, then I am ready for the childlike excitement to kick in once again and carry me to my destination.

way-865298_1920The crazy lady didn’t end up on the bus, perhaps she went off and found her true love, I have found mine, travel plays havoc with my sleep but creates works of art in my heart and lights up my life like only a dream can, perhaps that’s why I like tired travel so much, the dream-like state is always a little more dream-like.

Another post I found while cleaning out my closet, I mean hard drive.


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