The Road to Everywhere

one-way-street-1113973_1920I will soon begin an adventure, my life has taken many different routes up until now and I can not wait to begin this next route, the first stop is Marrakech and I know that much of what I think of the world shall be left along the route at the side of the world. I know that I am going to change and perhaps never be the same again, however, changing after or during an adventure is never a bad thing. Growing as a person and understanding the real you can only be a good thing unless you hate that person but then you are on an adventure and so perhaps you will change into a person you love.

Right now I am a caterpillar getting ready to get in the cocoon or perhaps that’s pretty cliché, although things are only cliché because they are true. I know that I will meet people along the way and that these people will teach me many things about their cities, themselves and myself and I can not wait to converse with people around the world to see how they live and what they do.

I do think that what we see every day on the news and internet poisons us, all of the horrors that are so easily found on the internet by kids and teens that show the world in a horrible light. I do not believe in any news I see on the internet, it is there to make money and nothing more. It designed to bring attention, whether good or bad, it designed to draw attention and thus money.

All I know is that these trips I shall go on will hopefully open up my eyes to the world like never before. I hope that the news is wrong and the world is not such a horrible place and the propaganda that we are fed is simply propaganda and holds no truth. I guess I shall see as I explore the road to everywhere.

I just found this on a hard drive and thought it was interesting what with planning this new adventure an all.


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