Day in the life 20: Woodworking and being domesticated

day in the lifeI missed the noon post! Sorry if anyone missed it but I have a good reason, I have been bloody busy! I started this morning off with reworking the post you saw earlier and finishing off all of one client’s work for the week. Then I had to move a bunch of wood to make space for a new fridge, it is going outside until a friend comes round later to help (not that he knows that yet.)

The wood is for wood turning, which I do whenever I can cos it’s fun. That is actually what I have been doing today, the first time for about 3 months I have had the chance to do any. It was really fun and I made something that should look quite cool once it is completely finished.

After that, I tidied up the house a bit before my mate comes round, I have so much crap, it is unbelievable! I hope that one day I get rid of it all and live out of a suitcase somewhere in the world, that would be fun!

Yea, so that’s my day, it was really fun (I have said fun far too much in this post!) oh and because I didn’t post earlier, that’s why there has been an onslaught of posts this afternoon, sorry if it’s a bit too much but I made a promise to myself that I would post at least 4 times a day.


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