The mountain trip

I have been looking into this trip for two days now and I am getting excited and nervous. I really have no idea if I can climb this fucking mountain but I really want to see if I can. This feeling is the feeling that makes you cancel a trip but also makes trips like this worth it. I have a lot of doubts but I also have a lot of curiosity so I am hoping that it will be an unforgettable trip for the right reasons.

Another thing that is getting to me a little bit is that I am going to have to do the trip alone, the timescale is just too small for anyone to be able to organise time off work to come with me so it will be a solo mission to the top of Snowdon. I don’t really mind this but it does add to the danger aspect of it all.

This post is basically me trying to work off this anxiety about doing the trip, anxiety and nervous energy is healthy but as there is still a few weeks to go before the trip, I would like to get rid of this for a while so I can focus on other things.

I am looking forward to it, even if it did start as a joke and now it is serious. I will do it though, well, I will try my hardest to do it and that is the only thing I can ever do really.


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