Post-it plans for travel

I put a map on the wall above my desk about a month ago now to give me inspiration for travel and to look at when I can’t get an article out. It helps a lot with the travel thing, when I look up at the map I realise just how small I am and the places that I know are all in one area of the map. I need to improve this and intend to.

I now also have a post-it note on the map with my plan for the mountain trip. The post-it note reads:

The plan! Snowdon plan 2: Llanberis: £60-£120 (hotels) Train to Bangor £98.10 Bus from Bangor to Llanberis £2-£3.

This isn’t the only planning I have done, I have downloaded a route app thing onto my phone and I am looking for a map to buy right now. I am also looking for a bag to take with me. This trip is happening, all of my nervous energy is helping me realise that this has to happen, this is exactly how I felt when I went and stayed in Marrakech for 3 months last year and I had an amazing time.

I just need to book everything now and then get going, this trip can’t come quickly enough! I have a few things to do before the trip but I am so ready for it now! I am not ready at all but my mind is ready to be on top of a mountain!


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