Day in the life 19: memories, reading and bags.

day in the lifeThe last post I posted at half 3 today, really brought back some fun memories from that trip. I loved that trip because it was the first time I had been that far away from home by myself. Everyone I met in Marrakech was amazing and as I was staying in a residential part, I got to see things I would never have if I was staying in a hotel. I got to see a huge water fight with a kid and his brother (I think) who was supposed to be doing his job at the time but the joy on their faces was awesome to see. I also got to have a chat to a gentleman without any use of language because we didn’t speak each others, that was fun and fucking hard to understand but we shook hands at the end so we must have pleased each other somehow. Ahh, the memories.

globe-924927_1920Anyway, today has been a pretty normal day, to be honest. I have been writing, working out, reading (nearly finished this book that I have been reading for a month, A brief history of nearly everything by Bill Bryson, it’s brilliant and so interesting but I wanna get a bit Wilde now, do ya get it? do ya?) Oh, I bought a bag for my mountain trip as well, its green and bright as fuck. I have bought a map of the area, some socks and a waterproof jacket. Is there anything that you guys would recommend I get that I might not think of (I have a compass) please leave suggestions below and help me and others prepare for our challenges. Oh, and let me know what your next adventure or challenge is, cos I’m nosey.

So, that’s my day, nothing too interesting but nothing too boring either! It’ such a nice day today, I really fancy going skateboarding this evening, I think I will, see ya!


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