Taking your chances

one-way-street-1113973_1920Yesterday I said that I was going to climb a mountain, today is the day when the planning begins. I am not backing down from this trip, I said I wasn’t and I meant it. I heard from the people that I needed to from and now I am going to get on the web and get looking at places to stay and travel stuff.

old-1130743_1920I back down from a lot of things in life or make excuses, two things I am getting sick of now. Mark Twain once said something like, when you look back on your life you will regret the things you didn’t do, not the things that you did. I am pretty sure that is not the exact quote but it is something along those lines.
I think he is right in what he says, who reading this has ever regretted going to a party when they had work the next day? You may regret it the day after when you’re at working longing for your bed but you don’t regret it a year later. How many of us regret not doing something like asking a girl on a date when the time was right? I know I do and now the time isn’t right and I am stuck with a dickhead of a girlfriend (just kidding, I’m single.)

globe-924927_1920We get all these chances in life to do something and the ones we never take will always be in the back of our minds. You can’t change them but you can learn from them and do everything that we can do to make sure you never miss another opportunity.

This post was meant to be about planning my trip and it deviated off course a little bit, ah well, my brain does that when there is something more important to say.


2 thoughts on “Taking your chances

  1. Great post. I always throw myself at things I am afraid of solely because I will feel like I have missed out on something if I haven’t. I have experienced a lot, but I’m also pretty broke from always saying yes to everything haha


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