Day in the life 18: adventure awaits

day in the lifeToday started with a thought in the back of my brain, a thought that went something like this ‘I didn’t promise 218 people that I would climb a mountain yesterday, did I?’ Well, yes you tit, yes you did. I am not backing down and I am actually looking forward to an adventure because it has been a while.

This morning started off as normal, coffee and YouTube. Then I got to work and wrote this morning’s blog post, 3 posts for clients and everything else you have read today. I spent some time editing the work for my clients and then ordered a bookcase because I don’t have one and I really need one before my house is littered with books.

After that, it was all about planning the mountain trip. At first, I decided I would go to the Lake District and climb Scafell Pike but the Lake District is a real arsehole to get to so instead, I am going to climb Snowdon. Just typing that makes me nervous. luggage-1149289_1920I have barely done anything like this in my life and I am not exactly fit as a fiddle. I’m not confident that I can do this but I am going to ty my hardest and if I fail, I tried so fuck it!

That’s my day, now I am going to work out and work out hard cos I need to as I have about two weeks before this trip happens, then I am going to continue working on this trip idea. Hope you have a lovely evening, think of me fretting and panicking that I’ve got myself in too deep!


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