I hear a lot of things

The joyous sounds of builders banging and clanging around outside my window are reminding that it is a great day to be alive. Or, I have had just about enough of it and that it has driven me insane. Who knows for sure.

The screams of my neighbour’s daughter due to the excitement that happen every hour or so when she sees a pebble are also very exciting. They are sweet tones of a young girl getting to know the world. Or, they are a sign that not everything a child does should be considered sweet and cute and that sometimes it is ok to hate children and everything they stand for.

The beautiful and wonderful sounds of some sort of bird in the background really sets off this trio of wonder perfectly. This bird noise is not a sweet morning awakening as you open your eyes to a beautiful morning, ready to start your day with a coffee and a smile. No, this bird sounds like its dying or has died and it is the very embodiment of hell. I guess it’s a crow cos crow’s are dicks!

I hear a lot of things, I hear beer opening at 4 in the afternoon cos crow’s, kids and builders and a bunch of ballsacks. Fuck this, I am going to go climb a mountain.


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