Go against the Grain

shield-1519642_1920You can do anything, be anyone, see everything, you don’t have to let society’s rules dictate who you are, if there is something that you want to do then fucking do it, don’t stop, never stop. Live the life that you want to live.

In this world, you can either work a job you hate and die and be forgotten about or live a life you love and give other people permission to do the same, you see when someone sees something is possible they will do it. You can leave your mark on the world by leaving behind a story about a person who was told ‘no’ by society but did it anyway.
I think we have to live the life we want to live because this is the only one we are going to get. Yea sure our atoms will break up at the end of our life and in a few thousand years we might become trees or other people, but right now, your atoms only have you to make sure you don’t waste them. I think we all have to do something we enjoy in life before it is over, otherwise we will just die and that will be that. At least we could go out in some crazy fireball rather than at ninety on a death bed.

vintage-1291644_1920I think that we all owe it to ourselves to do whatever we want and thanks to the internet, it now easier than ever to do so. Who cares if society thinks it’s cool, you can travel the world in a canoe if you want, if it makes you happy then do it, find a way to do it, because stacking shelves or being a lawyer will give you a steady income but it might not give you steady happiness. Be a fucking child forever, say no to society rather than waiting for it to say yes to you. Who cares if society doesn’t think you’re cool, just do the thing you love to do.

Oh and for those of you thinking you aren’t cool, you are wrong, no matter your dress size, if you work out or not, if you have the latest fashion, your race, your creed. None of that matters, you are cool, you are yourself and that is remarkable in this day and age. Don’t worry about what people think of you going against the grain, most of them won’t notice until your against the grain is the new fashion.

Go insane, go against the grain, its a lot of fun!


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