Following your dreams

shield-1519642_1920I know for a lot of people, it’s hard to follow your dreams. For a lot of people, life gets in the way of their dream living and their once certain dream life is now a daydream waiting to start the moment they clock in.

The problem with normal life is that there are so many obstacles in the way, from working all day or night to taking care of your kids. There is a lot that can stop a dream in its tracks and some people may begin to live their dreams through others, take football as an example. For the USA readers that is soccer, sorry about how two sports I don’t care about have the same name.

Football fans are wild, I am sure the USA readers can attest to this. They love a bit of leather being kicked around a pitch. perhaps one reason for this is that they loved playing it when they were kids. How many pubs have you been in with a guy in the corner stating that he had trials for so and so when he was a teenager? For anyone who hasn’t been in a country pub in England, there is at least one bloke stating that in each pub.

The reason that football is so popular, I think, is because people are nowScreenshot_2016-04-05-08-22-05_edited living their dreams through these over paid ballsacks. They wanted to be in their position and gave up so now this is the only thing they have.

I guess what I am trying to say is, would you rather be on the sidelines watching someone else do the thing you love or be out there doing the thing you love, even if no one is watching? To me, it doesn’t matter how old you get or how injured you get, if you love something you keep doing it until it kills you, life can not get in the way of that.


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