Day in the life: 18 – the weekend and mountains

day in the lifeIt’s Monday, hooray! It has been a weird day today. Much like all of my days, it started normally and then all my motivation dropped away. I don’t know why this happens and my last post about hearing things was not throwing excuses at the situation, it was meant to be funny. As I am not very funny, I thought I would explain that to you.

My weekend was really fun, went skateboarding, did a fair amount of new things and had a lot of fun with the locals at the skate park and my mate who I went with. That was Saturday, on Sunday I tried to rework the logo for this to make it all distressed and old looking but I am crap at that sort of thing so it didn’t work, never mind. Oh, I also helped my dad move a cupboard that is now wonky.

DSCF7701_editedI have decided today while working out (I worked out before writing this for a change) that I am going to climb a mountain. It won’t be a big mountain but it will be classed as a mountain, it will be one of the ones in the UK, I have no idea if I will be able to do it but I want to challenge myself. I am going to set a date soon (I need to hear back from peeps about stuff) it is going to be a few weeks at most, take the train to the place, get the job done, maybe stay in a hotel then come back, no muss no fuss. I am writing this now cos I don’t want to back out, I am also going to challenge myself to write an eBook about it all as well. Two challenges to complete, adventures awaits and I can’t wait.

So, that’s been my day of thin
king, it is fair to say that my motivation is back now, I have just decided to climb a fucking mountain on the spare of the moment so it better be fucking back!


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