Caged by fear in a free world

luggage-1149289_1920It is time, time to explore the world and let everyone know that the west and the people are not all bad, I am not on a mission from god nor anyone else, I just want to be a child of the world and never be stuck to a country because of a war that I didn’t start and that I certainly don’t want to continue. I just want to be free just like most other people in the world, some people come alive in chaos, some come alive in freedom.

I want to meet people around the world and let them know that we aren’t all bad, just like that thing that we all do when we are walking down the street with a hoody on, hood up because it’s cold out, we see an old lady or an old gent and what do we do? We take down the hood and smile and say ‘good morning’ to let them know that everything is ok.

old-1130743_1920There are people taking their hoods down for the old ladies and gents all around the world and I should like to meet you all one day and shake your hands. Call me naive if you like and I shall do the same to you, only you will still be locked in a cage in fear of living, I shall be exploring the world with the rusty lock and rails of my cage laying scattered along the way as I shed the feelings and thoughts that keep you locked away.

It has been said that not enough people think outside the box, however, I think that not enough people experience life outside the cage.


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