Did you see them?

meteorite-1060886_1920Hooray, we didn’t die! Did you see them things floating around the sky last night? They were pretty crazy weren’t they!?! I love a good shooting star, just image how fast they are going, were they are going and what is going to happen when they finally arrive. To travel hundreds of thousands of miles to simply cause havoc when you get to your destination is quite astonishing to me.

I think I am putting far too much thought into that! But they make me feel really small. There are millions of rocks out there, that just seems crazy to me. These rocks are travelling faster than we will ever be able to travel, effortlessly, and we only see them for a second or less. After that they are off, they have no idea they have been seen on their journey, they just continue to their destination.

Maybe we could learn something from them, it doesn’t matter who sees you on your journey or what they think of your journey, as long as you are focused on your goal and your destination, you will get there without judgement.

Or, maybe I should have another coffee and appreciate the beauty of shooting stars and not try and give them human feelings and goals because they are already well on their way to their destination and couldn’t give a shit about my description of them.


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