How to see meteorites and shooting stars

meteorite-1060886_1920Just wanted you guys to know that there will be a shit load of shooting starts tonight, according to my dad and something called the news, I don’t know, I am so out of touch. I am going to go out and watch them and I hope you do as well, maybe this is a ruse to get me out the out for a few hours tonight, maybe I am getting a puppy! Na, I have two dogs already and they think I’m a prick so I doubt it. Anyway, shooting stars are so cool and really make you feel small, perhaps because they could kill everyone on the planet if they were aiming for us.

It is really easy to see them as well. All you have to do is look up. I mean you could look up with an optical device, like binoculars or if you are really bad ass, a brass telescope, Yep, I have one of those, cos I am a pirate shh don’t tell anyone, but all you have to do is look up and take in all that breathtaking, beautiful, magnificent, death, that could kill us at any second.

purple-690724_1920Aww, it is a beautiful night for it isn’t! Well, I hope none you die and I hope the world doesn’t crumble and get rogered by a meteorite, cos that would stop my weekend plans! Have a good time, if you see one coming at earth, duck or something, it won’t do anything but it will be easier to bury you if are tucked into a convenient ball, I don’t know who will bury you if the world is destroyed but I am sure someone will cos you’re very precious.


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