Day in the life: 17 – being late, woodworking and coffee with friends

day in the lifeWell, if you read the 3:30 post you know this already so skip to the second paragraph if you don’t want to read the same thing again, but I was late today. Late posting and basically missed the lunchtime post today. Don’t worry though, there will be another post later on this evening to make up for it. Just wanted to say sorry again, I don’t like being late to anything, espically to my own blog!

Anyway, the day started off with working out, to get it out the way, then I went round my friend’s house for a coffee, after a shower, I am not a monster. We had a cool chat, we just chatted about everything really, had a cool catch up and then I left to see if the gent mentioned the 3:30 article had got in contact, he hadn’t and still hasn’t.

So, as it is a beautiful day here in the UK, I decided to go out and do some woodworking. I started a bench a few days ago after I had finihsed work so I thought I would do some more on that. It is nearly finished now, I found a really old piece of wood in the garden for the top of it, just need to find another piece and it will be sorted.

After that, I have written the 3:30 post and now this one so you are all caught up! I will leave it there then I think, have a great weekend and see you Monday.


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